The Secrets Behind Successful Black Friday Ad Copy

1. Start with a hook

2. Don’t forget your calls-to-action (CTAs)

  • Buy Now
  • Buy Now & Save $X
  • Read This:
  • Watch This:
  • Learn More About…
  • Click Here to Get Instant Access to <Program Name>
  • Let’s Do This Together, Matt: Give Me My <Program Name> Now
  • Add Our LIVE Session to Your Calendar Now
  • Download Your Cheat Sheet Here
  • Get the Love You Deserve Today, <Name> + A Spot on Our BONUS Masterclass
  • Save Your Spot on My <Program Name> + Claim Your Free Gift

3. Reward Your Audience For Performing an Action

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Angela Allan

Angela Allan


Queen of Giving Good Copy 👑 | Award-Winning Digital Marketer | Journalist | Speaker | Instagram: @misssoot