• Dulsadkar


    I write poetry and food-related articles | R&D Chef | Chef Consultant | Food culture enthusiast |

  • Colin Pantin

    Colin Pantin

  • Corinne Meier

    Corinne Meier

    I relish in connecting the dots on digital, social and sustainable issues. I love to read, write, + spread GOOD ideas on how you can use YOUR VOICE too.

  • faruk tunc

    faruk tunc

  • Farah Zain

    Farah Zain

    Completed My Masters In Computer Science, A writer and love to read about difficulties, achievements and struggle in life. want to interpret you as a writer.

  • JDaniel Richer

    JDaniel Richer

    A 23-year-old lost man seeks understanding, growth, self-awareness, and a more meaningful life.

  • Ian Hopkinson

    Ian Hopkinson

    Digital Madman, Search Junkie, Myth Buster, Optimist, Change-maker, Lover of people & possibility. Founder/CEO @ https://Terminology.Digital

  • sheikha lubna al qasimi

    sheikha lubna al qasimi

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